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Our clothes are made to last. Please take good care of them so you can enjoy the pieces years to come.

You can help extend the life of your clothes!

Extending the approximate lifecycle of your clothes with three months leads to a 5-10% reduction in carbon, water and waste.

Wash our pieces at a low temperature and choose a liquid detergent instead of powder. Liquid detergent dissolves better and is a more sensitive option. We recommend using a specific fine wash for pieces out of Merino wool. You can wash them by hand as well as in a hand-washing programme of your machine. Wash them inside out and se a laundry net to keep them in a better condition.

Pilling is a common occurrence in natural materials such as wool, cashmere and merino. You can use a sweater stone or a fabric shaver to gently remove pilling. 

We also suggest folding your knitwear. By hanging them, they will loose their shape. Lay your knitwear flat to dry as well as to store. If you’ve only worn it briefly, hang the sweater outside to air - instead of washing it with every wear.