INCLUSIVITY – Good design up to the tips of your fingers

Every person sees the world in their own unique way; some see it in colour, others in black and white, some clearly, some blurry, and others perceive it with their hands – we want to put your uniqueness into the limelight. A unique colour and material code makes it possible for non-sighted people to deduce the look of the clothes.

Every colour is a material.

Every material is a technique.

Every combination is a different tactile experience.

Creating surface structures and relief-like patterns that can be clearly distinguished from one another; the clothing items will cater to the sense of touch, but also stimulate us visually. We enable visually impaired people to get a feel for what they are wearing and encourage the sighted to discover the piece with their hands combining the world of touch and sight in a unique way.

A positive haptic experience leads to a stronger emotional connection of a product. This bond, in combination with a fair production, is a new approach to sustainable fashion. Linking the person emotionally to the item, makes it more valuable and last longer.

By combining tradition and innovation we aim to create the perfect sweater.

SLOW FASHION - Sustainable from the fibre to the finished product

Each of our garments has been designed to last a long time. Starting with a sustainable yarn selection. We always strive to work with partners who pursue the same goal of organic or recycled fibre-processing as we do. Followed by a high-quality production and manufacturing in Germany.

We make sweaters that feel good on your skin, so that you take pleasure in wearing them for a long time.